2018 will bring significant changes to the DEAP software. The current DEAP interface (v3.2.1, or DEAP3) will be replaced by DEAP4, a web-based technology accessed through your browser. This new technology will enable greater scope for future developments benefiting not only registered BER assessors and homeowners, but also other DEAP users (e.g. building designers, researchers, students, etc.) who use DEAP for purposes other than the production of a BER.

Key Benefits of DEAP4 for Other DEAP Users

  • A more rationalised interface and simplified user experience.
  • No more inputting the same information into multiple fields.
  • Fewer table look-ups and no more calculating values, just input the raw data and DEAP4
    does the calculation.
  • Access your surveys from your browser, no need to store and back-up your XML files.
  • More frequent updates to DEAP4 with less disruption to users.
  • Reuse previously entered library items (e.g. windows), speeding up data entry.

There will be a transition period when both DEAP4 and DEAP3 will operate simultaneously. This is to reduce any disruption to DEAP users. DEAP3 will remain available to download until the end of the transition period. Support for DEAP3 will end when DEAP4 has been rolled out.

The transition period is due to commence soon. If you are a registered BER Assessor, we already have your details, and we have started communicating with you directly.

If you are not a registered BER Assessor, but use DEAP3 for purposes other than the production of a BER, please register your name and email address with our Helpdesk: info@ber.seai.ie and we will include you in future communications relating to the roll out of DEAP4.

For more information, please visit the SEAI website.

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